Waking Night Care

Waking overnights involve a caregiver staying awake and actively providing assistance and support throughout the night to individuals who require constant monitoring or frequent care. This service is typically needed for individuals who have complex medical conditions, require assistance with mobility, or have cognitive impairments that may lead to wandering or confusion during the night.

The caregiver will be alert and available to address any needs or emergencies that may arise, such as administering medications, assisting with personal care tasks, providing reassurance and comfort, or responding to any sudden changes in the individual’s condition. Waking overnights in home care ensure that the individual receives continuous care and support during the nighttime hours, promoting their safety, well-being, and comfort throughout the night. This level of overnight care offers peace of mind to both the individual and their loved ones, knowing that they have a dedicated caregiver available to assist them at any time during the night.

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