Social Care

Supportive family, friends, and co-workers are a vital part of our lives. Research has identified loneliness exacerbates physical and psychological illness. Elderly people are particularly vulnerable and can become withdrawn if their social care needs are not met.

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The Care Team  develop  relationships with you to build trust and understanding. Social care needs to be flexible to encourage a large range of activities for all individuals involved.

Our carers give one to one encouragement to help you to partake in regular social activities. Social care is an excellent way for people to maintain human contact on a daily basis. Stimulation and contact with others is the best remedy in order to live a fulfilled life.

Social Care may include:

  • Playing Cards, dominos, board games
  • Having the paper read to you
  • Attending concerts, plays, museums, shopping, cinema
  • Eating out
  • Going for walks
  • Talking about current events
  • Sharing old memories
  • Attending clubs, choir, church
  • Teaching a skill