Post Operative Care


Post op care is a service available to you following procedures such as joint replacements, cardiac, gynaecological, eye and other general surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Post operative care for knee, hip and shoulder surgery

Clients can be discharged from hospital for five days post joint replacement surgeries.

Our occupational therapist can assess you in hospital before you are discharged. An occupational assessment will help determined how physically capable you are and will assess your circumstances at home.

Our physiotherapist will build a rehabilitation program tailored to your surgery and ability. Their aim is to help you regain strength or mobility through exercise and movement.

Our nurse will be guided by your surgeon’s preferences in relation to your wound care, stitch / suture or staple removal. Most clients should expect to be fully recovered between six and 12 weeks after your operation.

Oncology (Cancer) Surgery - Post Operative Care

Oncology is the science of treating tumours and cancer. Treatment may include surgery, meaning removing a tumour or part of the body affected by the cancer.

There are many surgical interventions for cancer such as:

  • Mastectomy (removal of a breast)
  • Lumpectomy (removal of a part of the breast)
  • Bowel resection
  • Nephrectomy (removal of a kidney)
  • Prostatectomy (removal of the prostate)
  • Pneumonectomy (removal of the lung)
  • Lobectomy (removal of a lobe of the lung).

If clients require further treatment after surgery for example chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, a fast surgical recovery is essential. Inadequate post-operative precautions could lead to complications that will delay further treatment. Infection poses the biggest risk to cancer sufferers post op. It is vital clients look after yourself and have sufficient support at home after the surgery. The Care Team Nurse will provide added support to clients through this phase and help prepare them for further treatment.

Burns and Plastics Surgery

Burns and Plastics Post-operative Care

If you are recovering from burn treatment or plastic surgery, our nurses will be at hand to help with specialist dressing requirements.

Skin graft requires special attention and care. The skin graft must be protected from disturbance and heal better if the dressings are not removed in the first seven days.

Our nursing team have advanced experience in caring for these wounds and can provide you with the correct advice and care to improve your skin graft’s outcome.

Gynaecology Surgery

Gynaecology post-operative care

Hysterectomy is the most commonly performed gynaecological surgery. Most patients go home 2-3 days after this operation. Full recovery can take from six to eight weeks. You will be advised to refrain from lifting and house work for first two weeks after your procedure.

Our nursing team includes a registered midwife with gynaecological and obstetric experience who will advise on the appropriate care plan implemented by our home care nurses. Our nurse can create a home help package with an assigned carer for you in the first two weeks.

Cataract Surgery

Care at home following Cataract Surgery

Due to great surgical advances cataract surgery is now usually done as a day case procedure. The actual operation generally lasts less than an hour.

After your operation your surgeon will prescribe medication in the form of eye drops. These eye drops are vital to support healing and prevent infection. Clients can often experience difficulty with putting these in themselves. A nurse from The Care Team will come into your home administer the medication.

Your surgeon may want you to avoid very strenuous activities for a short period after surgery, but most normal activities need not be restricted following cataract surgery.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

The type of post-operative care after cardiac surgery will depend on the nature of you operation. Clients should be encouraged to rest in a stress free environment after a cardiac event.

Our nurse will be able to monitor your blood pressure and educate you on life style changes as well as taking any bloods at home that may be required.

We can arrange a consultation with our nutritionist to help modify your diet and our physiotherapist if you require a rehabilitation program.

Cosmetic Surgery

Care at home following Cosmetic Surgery

If you are recovering from cosmetic surgery and you like you post op care in the privacy of your home our nursing service could be suitable for you.

Our nursing team have specialist knowledge when caring for post op breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhioplasty, lipo suction etc..

Interventions are planned and implemented according to your needs. Collaboration from hospital services/ GP and other community services is essential to ensure quality of care. Our nurses can recognise deteriorating trends and request relevant medical input.

The correct nursing plan at this intermediate stage of the process can enhance a speedy and safe recovery.