Overnight Care

overnight care 24/7

The Care Team’s overnight care service is available on a temporary or long term period.  This service can help to build a clients confidence and help them to feel safe and relaxed at night in your home.

Overnight care is provided by our trained carers. Clients may require assistance with getting to bed or you may wish to have company a night. Once the care is assessed by The Care Team Nurse and the care plan complete, you will meet your overnight care team.

This service will allow family to have a restful night knowing that the client is being cared for by trained personal. Overnight care packages can be tailored to your needs and The Care Team  will guide clients on the best plan for them.

24 Hour Care
If you would like a carer staying in your home on a continual basis then our 24 hour Care service is for you. 24 hour homecare is becoming a primary choice in elderly care due to cost comparison with private nursing home care. The care is broken down into 2 shifts. a 12 hour active day shift and a 12 sleep over night shift.

This may be used for a short period of time for a week or so, or until Clients get back on their feet after an illness or to cover for the family care giver while they take a well-deserved break. It can also be a great solution for those of you who do not wish to live in an institutional residential care facility.

In order to avail of 24 hour home care the Care will require:

  • Their own room
  • Use of bathroom facilities
  • Use of kitchen facilities
  • Basic food stuffs e.g. tea, coffee, milk, bread, fruit, meat, poultry, fish and vegetables
  • Television

24 hour homecare situations are different based on your needs. The day carers will work from 9am to 9pm with regular breaks throughout the day that fit into your routine. Carers may take their breaks when you visitors or family are in your home. We encourage you and your carer to have meals together and maintain a homely environment. The night carer will work from 9pm to 9am. They will assist you get ready for bed and prepare supper if required. Once you go to bed they will go to their bed. They will be on call overnight should you require assistance with toileting etc.
In some cases where you require 24 hour care involving constant observation the night carer will work an active night. 

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