The Care Team aim to ensure that your homecare package is sustainable and cost efficient!

Homecare packages are a vital to keep people living and supported in the community. Yet, many people worry about how the will fund their care. Homecare packages can be costly for highly dependent care needs. However, even the most complex package cost far less than a €1,000 per night hospital stay.

For anyone exploring the homecare option it is equally important to understand the aid available to funding care at home.

Tax Relief: Income tax relief is available to all of our Clients or their relatives receiving our homecare service. Clients can claim this relief at their top rate of tax, subject to conditions. Clients could receive tax relief of up to 51% off the cost of The Care Team’s services.

As a PAYE tax payer, Clients can apply for tax relief for The Care Team service through a Form HK1 (click on the link below to download the form). Your certificate of tax credits will be increased to include the relief due, meaning that you will pay less tax each week from your salary. Alternatively, Clients can claim relief at the end of each tax year, submitting their Form P60 and that of your spouse or civil partner, if applicable to your local Revenue office.

If more than one individual is paying for the cost of The Care Team service, the tax relief may be divided between the contributors’ pro-rata to their contribution, once the total is not in excess of €75,000 per tax year.

HSE Homecare Package: Clients can avail of The Care Team’s service through homecare packages which are provided through the HSE. It aims to help individuals who require medium to high caring support in order to live at home independently. The services included under the homecare package scheme include nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and homecare assistance. Clients’ homecare packages are modified to suit individual care needs. The scheme is not means tested, and there are no charges or contributions to be paid for the services provided. The Care Team can provide you with guidance on applying for homecare funding.


HSE Homecare Grant: Is applicable to clients who:

  • Are aged 65 and over
  • Currently in receipt of the HSE Community Support Services
  • Wish to stay living at home but cannot do so without financial assistance to pay for additional community support

Your homecare grant can be used to fund The Care Team service!

Department of Social Protection – Respite Care Grant: Is an annual payment for carers who look after certain people in need of full time care and attention. The payment is made regardless of the carers means but is subject to certain conditions.  

Health Insurance: Health insurance can cover some Nurse visits and other professional healthcare services providing this is included in your health insurance policy. We will be able to guide you prior to your discharge from hospital and advise you on how you can avail of services based on your cover.


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