Frequently Asked Questions

Home Care

What is Home Care?

Home care is a service provided to you or a family member in your own home. Homecare is designed to help you with routine tasks to make daily life more manageable. The main purpose of this service is to support you in your decision to remain at home rather than use residential, long-term, or institutional-based nursing care.

How to arrange Home Care?

A member of The Care Team will follow up all enquiries and will be happy to discuss your needs. After your initial enquiry, you may decide to book a free assessment with our nurse. This assessment can be arranged either in your home or in the hospital. This assessment allows our nurse to identify your requirements and preferences. If you are arranging care on behalf of someone due to illness or cognitive impairment our nurse will guide you through the process.
Once your care needs are identified we will put together a proposal for you.  We will then make sure you are happy once we get your approval, you will meet the rest of The Care Team that will be involved in your plan.

What is the cost of care?

Our care assessment is a free service. Our care packages can vary in cost depending on the service you require and the amount of time you need. You have the right to withdraw or amend your care with24 hours’ notice at no extra cost.

Who can claim tax relief?

Your spouse
A relative – This includes a relation by marriage and also a person for whom the claimant is, or was, the legal guardian.

Can I get tax relief?

Our service is VAT exempt and you are also entitled to claim tax relief. Depending on your circumstances you could receive tax relief of up to 41% of the cost of our service. It is also possible to claim this relief as part of your tax credits. This means receiving the benefit as part of your weekly or monthly salary.

How can I claim?

You need to complete the form HK1 (Claim for an allowance for employing a Carer/Personal Assistant). You will then need to submit the form to the Inspector of Taxes in your local area.

Nursing Care

What is Nursing Care?

Our nursing care service is provided by An Board Altranais registered nurse with experience working in the community.

What care can the nurse provide?

We can provide a range of care including post-operative care, medication management, wound care, monitoring blood pressure, blood sugars and many more.

How is the care organised?

Our nursing team will lease with the relevant healthcare professional to ensure the best plan of treatment is in place for you. This may involve co-ordaining care in conjunction with your GP, public health nurse, hospital consultant and specialist nurses.

How do I arrange Nursing Care?

By contacting The Care Team on 01 9022922 and requesting the service you are requiring we will take it from there.

How much does it cost?

Nursing care can vary depending on the care you require. If you require a number of nursing hours we will tailor a package that will ensure you get best value possible.

Team Care

What is Team Care?

Team care is a term used by The Care Team to describe a range of services available to our clients. This can be anything from accessing our physiotherapist, occupational therapist, chiropody, dietician and counselling services.

Will these services come to my home?

Yes our team services can treat you at home or in a clinic setting. We will cater for your preference once the nurse has carried out an assessment.

How do I arrange Team Care

By contacting The Care Team on 01 9022922 and requesting the service you are requiring we will take it from there.

Will my private medical insurance cover my treatment?

Some private medical insurance companies will cover certain treatments our team will guide you through this.

How much does it cost?

Each service can vary in cost. We can arrange packages if you require a mix of services and ensure you get best value possible.

Care Packages

What is a Care Package?

A Care Package is a service or bundle of services packaged together for you.

This Care Package does not suit my needs - Can I change it?

Absolutely, these packages are only a guide. We will build a bespoke package for you.

Do I have to call the physio or OT?

No, Once you have agreed the care and services you need, The Care Team will co-ordinate the entire package.

Can I claim tax relief on this service?

Yes you can claim back up to 41% tax relief.

Will my private health insurance cover this service?

We can review your health insurance and advise you on what is covered. A number of plans cover different parts of the service and you may be entitled to claim back part or all of the costs.