Evidence Based Practice

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The goal of evidence based practice is to combine clinical expertise, expert opinion, external scientific evidence, and client and caregiver perspectives to provide high-quality services reflecting the welfares, principles, requirements, and choices of the individuals.

The Care Team require Nurses to use up-to-date research evidence to ensure better client outcomes. We encourage clients to make inform decisions with regards to home care. All our clinical staff are expected to make choices founded on the best available evidence and continually review new evidence that comes to light.

As an organisation providing care to clients at home, our team have the opportunity to positively influence the course of our clients illness and recovery. Therefore, our health care professionals must actively participate in reading, critiquing and classifying the evidence to constantly challenge the practice.

All our home care and home healthcare packages are developed in collaboration with the multidisciplinary agency. Specialist packages available for care at home are based on best practice recommendations. We will continue to review these packages as research develops.