Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance is the framework through which The Care Team is accountable for continuous improvements in our services and quality forming an environment of clinical excellence.

Clinical Governance dublin

The Care Team pride ourselves in having a culture of open and transparent communication. Everyone has a voice, feedback from our homecare team and Clients with new concepts and ideas has helped enhance positive changes. Our managers have been taught to respect and care for their team. Our combined team in turn give excellent care to our Clients. Winning multiple awards has increased morale within the team and has demonstrated that their hard work and diligence pays off.

Clinical Governance is the framework through which The Care Team are accountable for continuous improvement in service and quality. This forms an environment of clinical excellence. We use specific systems to monitor care practice such as analysis of self-assessment and auditing results of Client and staff feedback. From examination of these factors we identify areas for improvement to further enhance our client care service. The Care Team promote and follow a Client centered approach to home care. We encourage an open and questioning work environment which promotes a safe, high quality homecare service.

Our Clinical Governance Committee observes the quality of our homecare service, ensuring a high standard of care, upholding a culture of homecare excellence. A charter of policies is in place, rooted in evidence based practice research.

The Care Team have incorporated an audit review process to evaluate the clinical performance our homecare service. The audit process ensures that clinical practice is continuously examined and that deficiencies in relation to standards of care are amended. We have set out a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help us monitor our service.

The Care Team provide appropriate support to staff to be competent in their care work. We facilitate staff to develop their care skills through structured training courses and tutorials. Continued staff education sustains up to date knowledge on new care practices.