Care Packages

We provide you with care from 1 hour a day to 24 hour round the clock live in.
We have a range of specialist packages for more complex care tailored to suit you and your routine.

Home Help / Social Care Package

Basic support may only be required for 1 hour a day but is available through to 24/7 hours, 365 days per year.  We understand that when it comes to living safely and independently in your own home it’s the small things that make the difference.

Step Down – Hospital to Home Package (Short Term)

This is a care package that can be put in place for one or two weeks following your discharge from hospital after a hip replacement for example.
Our nurse will meet with you before you leave hospital and coordinate the transfer of care from hospital to your home. Depending on your condition, the care team offer a range of services to get you back on your feet.
This service is a popular alternative to convalescing in a nursing home.

Typically this package may include a nurse, carer and physiotherapist , quite commonly a person may require;

1 nurse visit a week
2 hours personal care a day for a week
2 Physiotherapy visits a week

Enablement Programmes (Intermediate Care)

Intermediate care is a term used to describe care that can run over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
This package offers range of services from our team of professionals that may include nurses, carers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists that aid in your rehabilitation and recuperation.
Intermediate Care packages can help ensure a timely discharge following a hospital stay and reduce hospital admissions.
This may be put in place following a prolonged illness or following an event that has left you with a residual disability and can involve a number of our services. The level of care will reduce as you regain your strength and confidence, e.g.:
Daily personal care to assist with washing, dressing and toileting
Home help to assist with meal preparation and household chores
Nursing Care – wound care, medication management, bloods etc.
Occupational therapy

Palliative Care

Our multidisciplinary team will support our clients and their family during the last few days, weeks or months of their lives. We carry out our care with compassion, empathy and consideration.
Care co-ordination with the Cancer Society and the Hospice
Clinical triage
24 hour telephone support
Nurse on call
Medication management
Personal care

Complex Care Packages

Our complex care packages have become the forefront of The Care Team. These packages are designed to incorporate a comprehensive homecare service using a range of healthcare professionals.

How it Works

Once we receive a referral regarding a Client we appoint one of our Community Liaison Officers to the case. Our Community Liaison Officers are assigned to the Client based on their needs and the skill set required. A comprehensive assessment is carried out on the Client and the Community Liaison Officer coordinates all the relevant healthcare professionals required to work on the case.

A fundamental part of the care is to develop a care pathway. The Care Team will set out realistic goals for the Client and time frames in which the goals are achieved. This empowers the Client in their rehabilitation. If goals are not achieved, the Community Liaison Officer will reassess the Client’s needs.

Complex Care Packages Include:

  • Community Liaison Officer assigned to manage the Client’s case and co-ordinate all the various services into the home.
  • Visits from our Physiotherapist who will devise exercises programs for the Client and the Carers to implement.
  • Home assessment by our Occupational Therapist to review the environment and recommend modifications. They will also review or suggest equipment that will aid the patient while at home.
  • Rental equipment if required such as hospital beds, hoists, stair lifts etc.
  • Our Community Nurse will visit the Client regularly to monitor progress and support Carers.
  • Advanced Carers who will be able to carry out: PEG care, tracheostomy care and catheter care.
  • Other professional services such as Chiropody, Speech and Language Therapy etc.
  • On call Doctor service 24/7.